Bag Bell 8.50am
Literacy Session 9.00am – 11.00am
Morning Recess 11.00am – 11.30am
Numeracy Session 11.30am – 1.00pm
Lunch Eaten 1.00pm – 1.10pm
Lunch Recess 1.10pm – 1.45pm
Afternoon Session 1.45pm – 3.15pm
Dismissal 3.15pm


Term 1: January 29th – April 5th
Term 2: April 23rd – June 28th
Term 3: July 15th – September 20th
Term 4: October 7th – December 20th

During Term 1 Prep students do not attend school on the following Wednesdays:

6th February
13th February
20th February
27th February


Labour Day – Monday 11th March
ANZAC Day – Thursday 25th April
Queen’s Birthday – Monday 10th June
Melbourne Cup – Tuesday 5th November


Teachers Return – Tuesday 29th January
Curriculum Day – Friday 5th April


Athletics Carnival – Wednesday 3rd April
Cross Country – Wednesday 15th May
Swimming Carnival – TBC

General Information

This page contains information important for both commencing and continuing students. If you have a question which is not answered by any of the topics below, please don’t hesitate to contact the school on (03) 5389 1270.

Student Absences
If a child is absent from School, the School is bound by regulation to seek from parents a written explanation for the absence, when the child returns to school. A phone call to the school is an acceptable alternative.
Sign Out Book
If there is a need to collect your child from school before the end of the school day, it is a requirement that you record this information in a sign out book. The book is located in the School Office.
During Terms 1 and 4 all Monday morning assemblies are held at the flagpole. In Terms 2 and 3 all assemblies are held in the portable classroom next to the basketball court with each classroom responsible for a special presentation. Families are most welcome to attend all assemblies to celebrate achievements in our school. It is at these assemblies that our You Can Do It certificates are presented.
School Camps
Year 5/6 went on camp to Melbourne from Sunday 21st – Wednesday 24th June.

Year 3/4 camp will be held Wednesday 18th – Friday 20th November in Ballarat.

Years Prep and Year 1 extended day and Year 2  sleepover will be held on Friday 20th November.

Children may save money through the school banking service provided by the Commonwealth Bank. Commonwealth Bank bankbooks are collected in the classrooms on Friday mornings at 9.00am and then processed by Desiree.
Head Lice
Head lice can be found at any time in school and any child can be affected. Parents are urged to regularly check their children’s hair, particularly at the area at the back of the neck looking for eggs attached to the hair follicles. (Weekly checks are recommended).
It is important to find any infection early as treatment is then relatively easy. Head lice can spread quickly and parents should notify the school if they are aware of any infection.
School inspections can be made at any time on the authority of the Shire Health Inspector and are made in all schools whenever an infection is suspected. Parents are trained by the School Nurse to do our inspections. We do require helpers for this service so if you are able to please let the school office know ASAP. A fact sheet about head lice is available here.
Infectious Diseases
The Principal is required to exclude children with certain diseases under the Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulations 1990. Note that the regulations require the parent or guardian to inform the Principal as soon as practicable if the child is infected with any of the diseases listed below. For more information about particular illnesses and diseases please read The Blue Book.
Illness at School
Teachers will treat all minor illness and accidents at school but parents will be contacted if children have more serious accidents or are too sick to attend school any longer. The school maintains a record of all pupil’s home addresses, phone numbers, known medical problems and usual doctor. It is important that these records are accurate and parents are asked to contact the school should they change address or phone number. Any medications (for example antibiotics) need to be handed to the classroom teacher with a completed medication authority form with details of dose and time for administering.
Reading Club
This operates every play time for 15 minutes at school for those children who do not have the opportunity to read at home at night. Parents are asked to sign their students reading diary to confirm reading at home. We suggest 15 minutes as a minimum reading time. The students then show their classroom teachers their diaries in the morning to be checked.
Grade 5/6 homework tasks are set each Friday to be handed in the following Friday.
All students are expected to read nightly or participate in Reading Club.
Diaries are a main source of communication and should be signed each night and returned to school daily.
Sport Program
Throughout the year there are many opportunities for students from our school to participate in local sporting activities. We also encourage students to pursue their talents and compete at Wimmera and further events. We offer athletics, Swimming, Cross Country, Lightning Premiership, Basketball and other coaching opportunities as they arise during the year.
The school athletic sports are being held on Thursday March 30th, in Term 1 this year.
Contact With Teachers
If parents wish to discuss any matters they are first encouraged to make contact with their child’s teacher. If they wish to contact the Principal please make a call to arrange a suitable time. If the matter is short and simple, any time would be suitable.
Drop Off At Office
If there is a need to drop off anything to your child during the middle of a teaching session please leave it at the office to avoid classroom disruptions.
Our school participates with Ashton Scholastic book club where families have the opportunity to purchase items. Ordering through book club earns points for your child’s grade which earns resources for the school. When ordering please complete the bookclub leaflet and return it with your cash or credit card details to your child’s classroom teacher. Bookclub has approximately ten issues per year.
The school operates a canteen service on Fridays thanks to the volunteer parents who open it during play and lunch times.  More helpers are always welcome.

You can download a Canteen price list here

Lost Property
All items of personal property and clothing that a child brings or wears to school should be clearly named as goods are often mislaid. Any items found are stored in the lost property box which is located near the canteen. Children and parents, whenever at school, should check this box for missing items.
Students will have access to borrow books from the Library on a weekly basis with their class teacher.
Asthma and Anaphylaxis
If any students have an allergy requiring them to use either an epipen or asthma medication it is imperative that they provide the school with a current medical action plan and also provide their own named epipen and asthma puffer with ventolin.



To support the new Prep students transition into Primary school they are buddies with a Year 5 student. Throughout the year many sessions are planned for Prep and Year 5 students to develop a social and supportive rapport.
Reading Recovery
We offer a reading recovery program for students in Year 1 at Dimboola Primary. This individual and daily program offers help to children whose literacy skills have been slow to develop. The children participate in an intensive 12-20 week program of accelerated learning.
Arts Council Performances
During the year we have 4 or 5 visiting shows in Dimboola to expose our children to a variety of theatre, music, dance styles, puppetry or dramatic shows. There is a cultural performance fee of $40 for all students to participate in these shows.